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Sheehy Honda Blog in Alexandria, VA

Have Your Windshield Changed By A Trained Professional

The windshield is a very fragile part of your vehicle. Although it is made from glass and fragile it is often subjected to many harsh conditions. On a daily basis dirt and debris can build up on your windshield. Rain, wind and snow may also build up or affect your windshield. Over time your windshield make crack or even break. When this happens it's very important to have the problem fixed immediately as it can turn into a bigger problem in the future.

Broken windshields can affect your visibility while driving. They can also cause further damage in the…
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How do I know it's time for new brakes?

When talking about car parts, properly functioning brakes are perhaps the most crucial when it comes to overall safety. If your brakes aren't working properly it drastically decreases your ability to maneuver the vehicle, putting you and your passengers in danger. Over time, your brakes begin degrading due to normal wear and tear, and should be inspected regularly to ensure they are working correctly.

Here is a list of 5 telltale signs that its time to have your brakes looked at:

1.) Probably the most obvious is your anti-lock brake system light is on. This light can be found…
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Keep your car healthy

For everyone who has ever owned a car, bought from his or her money, has loved that thing more than any other in the world. Buying a new car isn’t tough; you know what’s tough? Keeping it healthy for a long time.


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What Type of Oil Does My Honda Need?

If your Honda is due for an oil change, you might be wondering what kind of oil your car takes. It is significant to know what the type of oil you need to buy is for your vehicle. Does it use Synthetic or Conventional oil? This information can be found in your Owner’s Manual or by coming down Sheehy Honda.

You might be wondering what the difference between these two types of oil are. Synthetic and conventional oil both are formed underground. Synthetic oil is an oil that is artificially created...

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Regular Oil Changes Can Extend the Life of Your Honda

The oil in your car or truck plays a very important part in keeping your vehicle in good shape for many years to come. Some moving parts within your engine don’t actually touch each other but have a layer of oil between them. If your vehicle is low on oil, it can allow them to touch and cause excess internal friction and heat leading to the demise of your engine. As the oil circulates internally, it carries away some of the engine heat to keep it from overheating.

Changing your oil regularly replaces old oil that is thicker and…

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Sheehy Honda Donates $8,000 to Good Shepherd Housing

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA (January 2017) – Sheehy Honda recently donated $8,000 to Good Shepherd Housing as part of Sheehy Auto Stores’ annual Giving Program for 2016, whereby $151,000 was given to charities throughout communities in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland and Richmond, Virginia.
Pictured: Good Shepherd Housing    

“Our employees and family of dealerships do much throughout the year in donating time and money for a variety of charities,” said Vince Sheehy, President of…
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Start the new year with a new or pre-owned Honda from Sheehy Honda

The beginning of every year is a time to hit the reset button and embark on new adventures. Here at Sheehy Honda we know that one way to make lasting memories and enrich your daily life is by incorporating an affordable, reliable and accommodating vehicle like a Honda from our dealership.

We’ve got all sorts of impressive Honda models to choose from including a great selection of pre-own

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Service your Honda at Sheehy Honda

Bumps in the road, whether they're real or just metaphorical are never pleasant to deal with. That's why Sheehy Honda takes immense pride in providing our customers throughout the Alexandria area and beyond a convenient, onsite service and repair center to help keep their vehicles in tip-top shape.

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