The Importance of Winter Windshield Wipers During the Holiday Season

As the holiday season creeps closer, keeping up your vehicle’s maintenance becomes more important, especially when it comes to your windshields. An obstruction to your windshield cannot only be an inconvenience, but also a deadly risk that affects both you and your passengers. Having good windshield wipers, though not a guarantee that your car’s glass will be protected from everything, eliminates common obstacles that are a danger to your sight.

However, during the colder parts of the year, the typical windshield wiper will not suffice. They are built for warmer climates and do not take into account the ice, snow, salt, and slush brought up by other vehicles commuting during the snowy season. You need winter windshield wipers that are designed to prevent ice and snow jamming while still performing their original duties. Come to Sheehy Honda in Alexandria, and we will equip your car with windshield wipers tough enough to handle the frosty weather.
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