Preparing For Holiday Travel in Alexandria, VA

Whether it is to visit their grandparents or to enjoy a beach resort, millions of people travel during the holidays. Travelling by car can offer you much more flexibility than taking a plane or train: there is no limit or restriction on what you can bring, it can save you hundreds of dollars - despite a number of people riding with you - and you have the ability to stop at locations during your journey. However, if your car is in ill repair, the only thing you will be doing this season is waiting for a mechanic.

It is important to make sure your car has had a safety check. Our staff at Sheehy Honda is ready to make sure that drivers’ cars in Alexandria, VA are ready for the journey. All you will have to worry about is getting to your destination safely. Here are some tips that can help keep your season merry, happy, and bright:

  • Keep a Blanket or Two in the Car
  • Bring a First Aid Kit
  • Pack Snacks
  • Have Emergency Road Assistance
  • Keep a Flash Light and Battery Charger Handy

Be sure to have your vehicle checked up at 7434 Richmond Highway before heading out on a long-distance trip with your family!

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