Why Service at the Dealership Helps to Keep Your Checkbook Balanced

As an owner of a vehicle, you have to know that not all shops are the same. There is your standard corner garage shops, and then you have the dealerships who maintain and work on vehicles. The difference is the training and service that you will get at one over the other. Fortunately, our team at Sheehy Honda is prepared to service your vehicle while keeping its long-term success in mind.

The task of maintaining your vehicle is a hassle however if you don’t maintain it the proper way, the car will fail to run at some point. The question then is what shop you take it to when you want it worked on. A dealership service area is higher than your local, corner shops however the grade of service is worth the cost of service.

A dealership that performs maintenance on your vehicle is not bringing in the big money like you would think they would. In most cases, the repair shop and dealership portion are underpaid for the work they are expected to perform. That is why some people choose to use dealerships, such as ours, over corner repair shops any day. Stop in and experience our service at 7424 Richmond Highway today!

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