How to Avoid Road Rage When Faced with a Tailgater

Tailgating is not only irritating, it's also dangerous. If you're not careful when someone is tailgating you, it could turn into a road rage situation. To keep things from escalating, follow these tips:

  • Pumping your brakes at a tailgater is something that you should never do. If you do this to let the other driver know they're too close you should stop. The tailgater knows they're driving close and it could cause them to get angry and try to start trouble with you.
  • If another car is tailgating you and you begin to feel unsafe, turn as soon as it's safe for you to do so. If the car seems to be following you make a few random turns to see if they continue. If not, continue with your normal route. If the car is still following you drive to the nearest police station or call them.
  • If you are not driving faster than most of the cars on the road you should stay over in the far right lane. The left lane is designated for cars that are passing cars that are driving slowly. If you're driving slowly and you're in the left lane you could anger other drivers.
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