Fall into the convenience of a Honda Ridgeline

The fall is a great time to get outside and enjoy time with friends or to just get outdoors and enjoy nature. Whether you're tailgating, camping, or spending time with the family, the Honda Ridgeline can make your outing great.

The Honda Ridgeline has some built-in conveniences that make it the center of any tailgate or party. It all starts in the truck bed. The dual action tailgate opens down like a conventional tailgate or to the side like a door. Hiding in the truck bed is an in-bed trunk that can be used for storage or, since it has a drain at the bottom, it can be used as a cooler.

The party continues through the exterior speaker system in the truck bed. The system uses six small electronic units called “exciters” hidden in the walls of the pickup bed. The vibration turns the entire truck bed into a speaker and the sound quality is awesome. You can play music from the Honda Ridgeline's sound system or through your phone connected to the system through Bluetooth, USB or auxiliary jack.

For more information about the Honda Ridgeline contact us at Sheehy Honda in Alexandria, VA. Our staff can arrange a test drive.

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