Safely Testing a Car Battery with the Voltmeter

To test the battery in your vehicle with a voltmeter, make certain you are wearing protective eye-wear, have on heavy-duty gloves, and you have a wire brush handy.

Be certain the car engine is off when working around the battery, and clear off any corrosion from the battery terminals with the wire brush if present.

Take the red cable of the voltmeter and place it on the plus side of the car battery. The black cable then gets attached to the minus side of the battery.

Now turn on the voltmeter, the reading will show 12.4 or better when your car battery is in good shape and can hold the charge. When the reading falls under 12.2, then you have reasons to be concerned as it might not have enough power to start your car anymore.

Regardless the test result, come to Sheehy Honda for a charging system check-up this season.
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