It's Time for Back-to-School Service on Your Vehicle

Getting your vehicle to a service center as the school year is about to start so the mechanic can inspect the cooling system is the best way to avoid any potential overheating issues.

The mechanic will carefully check to see that all the belts and hoses are in peak working condition. the hose clamps will be check for rust, and the belts checked to ensure they are tight enough to power those parts.

The water pump will be checked for leaks, same with the thermostat housing. If the thermostat were to fail, it will not be able to regulate the coolant temperatures so internal parts have the potential to heat up and seize.

The radiator fluid will be flushed and then replaced with the OEM recommended equivalent.

Don't neglect to get the cooling system checked before this new school year, Sheehy Honda can put you on a scheduled maintenance so you'll always be protected.



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