Spare Tires Vs. Full Size Tires

You saw the nails scattered across the road, but there was nothing you could do. Before you knew it you were on the side of the road changing your tire. A functional and fully spare tire can be an absolute lifesaver at times like these. They are perfect for getting you off the side of the road and safely to a shop for a new full-size tire.

While spares are certainly great for that scenario, they are not good for full time driving. Because of their much smaller diameter, and reduced width, they are unsafe to drive at high rates of speed or for very long distances. Full-size tires are rated for highway speeds and long distance driving, while a spare is generally limited to an under 55 mph max speed and 50 miles of distance.

It is important to respect the limitations of a spare tire. Those are not suggestions, but rules that need to be followed in order to keep you safe. If you are driving with a donut on right now, bring it into Sheehy Honda for a full-size replacement immediately.
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