Bumper-to-Bumper vs. Powertrain Warranty

Knowing what type of warranty your vehicle is covered by is important. This gives you an idea of what your out of pocket expenses may be. The two most common warranties offered are a powertrain or bumper to bumper warranty.

The powertrain warranty is limited to the parts of your vehicle that contribute to its power. The engine and transmission are prime examples. Any parts that need repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear are not covered.

The bumper to bumper warranty does exactly what it claims. It is definitely the most sought-after warranty. It covers all of your vehicle's parts from bumper to bumper. This warranty covers worn parts or parts that are deemed defective by the manufacturer.

Each manufacturer may have a slight differentiation in warranty coverage. If you need assistance in determining how much of your vehicle is covered, our experts are here to help.
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