Signs the Tires on Your Vehicle are No Longer Safe

The warning signs that your car tires are no longer safe are right there, but most drivers ignore or don't recognize the signs. Paying close attention to the tire tread will keep you and your passengers safer.

Look for any bulges or cracks in the tire tread. These could lead to a severe compromise of the tire at high speeds and should be addressed quickly.

When driving at higher speeds, see if you feel any vibration in the steering wheel. This could help you identify tire issues you might normally miss with a visual inspection.

Place a penny in the tire tread, and it should hide most of Lincoln. The more of the president you see, the less tread is on your tires and could make it unsafe to drive in inclement weather.

Schedule a tire rotation at Sheehy Honda so our technicians can get eyes on your tire tread for issues.
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