Using Compact Spare Tires

Nearly every new car has a spare tire. Automakers often choose compact spares for their latest models. The compact spares save space; small tires are about half the size of a standard tire. When in use, compact spares do not operate like full-sized tires. The small size interferes with ABS systems, speedometers, and traction controls.

Alexandria drivers know the importance of spare tires. Flats can occur at any time. When the spare is a compact tire, then drivers must move quickly to repair or replace the flat. The compact spare is only temporary; the automakers design them to get home or to a repair shop. They are not intended for regular use.

At Sheehy Honda, we want all drivers to ride on full-size tires in good condition. Call us when you need to repair or replace one or more tires. We have a wide selection of high-quality replacements. Call or drop by today.



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