What is Oversteer and Understeer?

If you have problems turning your vehicle, it could be due to several factors. At Sheehy Honda, we try to keep our consumers informed about how their vehicles function. Oversteer and understeer are two terms that refer to your vehicle's dynamics. Oversteer occurs when a car turns more than what the driver wants, and understeer happens when the vehicle turns less than what the driver wants.

If your vehicle has front-wheel drive, then you have a higher chance of experiencing understeer. Vehicles that have rear-wheel drive typically experience oversteer, but both types of drive systems can experience understeer and oversteer.

Understeer usually occurs when drivers accelerate too early when driving around a turn, and it can also happen if a driver turns the wheels too quickly. Oversteer usually happens as a result of fishtailing. To fix understeer, you can apply more suspension, and oversteer can be corrected by loosening the suspension.



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