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Why You Should Use A Car Cover

Car covers can be annoying to use, but they play an important role in keeping your car in good condition. We'd like to help you understand what they can do and why they are so helpful.

The benefit of a cover depends on where you park your car during the day. Bird poop can damage the body and the paint, even if you clean it off. Tree sap causes a lot of damage to the paint. Over time, prolonged exposure to sunlight will create cracks and fade the surface of the plastic or leather in the interior....

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Benefits of SUVs Exposed

As the popularity of SUV and crossover vehicles continues to surge, more people are discovering all of the reasons why these automobiles are leading the industry. The passenger capacity and best-in-class cargo hauling capabilities of an SUV make it an excellent choice for growing families. The off-road and towing packages ensure that your vehicle is ready for any adventure on the road of life. Safety conscious drivers choose the SUV for its unparalleled security.

The SUV experts at Sheehy Honda in Alexandria are well-equipped to answer all of your questions about the ins and outs of SUV
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Car Detailing Takes Effort

Detailing a car isn't entirely difficult, but don't think the job comes without effort. Detailing the interior and exterior of a car requires a bit of work and knowledge. Interior work might be a little easier. Newbies to detailing may wish to start out with interior work.

Vacuuming an interior serves as the simplest way to clean things out. A few tools such as special brushes may be necessary to clean out a truly dirty interior. Depending on the condition of the interior, you may need a pumice block. Truly dirty carpets deserve a bit of deep cleaning…

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A Clay Bar Can Help You Get Your Car to Shine

Detailing a car takes a lot of attention, and it also requires having the right tools. Using the wrong equipment and techniques might not get the job done right and can potentially scratch your paint, but using recommended materials can ensure that all the dirt and grime will be removed.

One such piece of equipment that many experts recommend is a clay bar. Clay is a safe material to use on your exterior surface, and because of its makeup, it can adhere to any particles and contaminants that have been stuck to your vehicle...

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What Does the Tech-Savvy 2018 Honda CR-V Offer?

While there is a gamut of SUVs on the market that you can explore, the 2018 Honda CR-V is a standout option. With its distinct and bold style that can fit in while navigating to work or taking the scenic route to a weekend vacation, the SUV has a fierce Active Shutter Grille and offers convenience with the available Roof Rails. You can pack easily with the Easy Fold-Down 60/40 Split Rear Seat, and relish in the comfort of the available Heated Front Seats and offered Driver’s Seat with 12-Way Power Adjustment...

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Sheehy 8000’s Road to Heart Health

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At Sheehy Honda in Alexandria, we are very excited for this year’s Sheehy 8000 Sales Race! Not only are we excited to sell 8,000 vehicles in 50 days, we are also thrilled to be partnering with the American Heart Association again. Throughout this partnership we have helped the American Heart Association with their annual National Walking Day event at Springfield Town Center and have donated over $200,000 during each year’s Sheehy 8000. This year’s fundraising efforts will bring us over $1 million dollars raised for the American Heart Association! If you would like to help…
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Key Items to Have in an Emergency

While you can't predict when your car is going to stop working, you can be prepared for when that time comes. Keeping a flashlight in your car can be ideal in the event that your vehicle experiences a flat tire or doesn't start during the evening or overnight hours. You should also carry jumper cables or a portable starter to jump your battery.

Keeping blankets in your vehicle can help keep you warm if you are stranded at night or during the winter season. They can also come in handy if you need to signal a passing motorist…

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Safely Testing a Car Battery with the Voltmeter

To test the battery in your vehicle with a voltmeter, make certain you are wearing protective eye-wear, have on heavy-duty gloves, and you have a wire brush handy.

Be certain the car engine is off when working around the battery, and clear off any corrosion from the battery terminals with the wire brush if present.

Take the red cable of the voltmeter and place it on the plus side of the car battery. The black cable then gets attached to the minus side of the battery.

Now turn on the voltmeter, the reading will show 12.4 or better when…
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Maximize The Life Of Your Tires With Regular Rotations

Just about every driver on the road understands that tires do not last forever. As critical as they are to your vehicle's performance and safety, they are basically disposable. A new set of tires is not a cheap prospect, either. So it makes sense that when you put a new set on your vehicle you will want them to last for as long as possible.

The good news is that there are things that you can do to ensure that you get as much out of your tires as you can. For starters, pay close attention to the air…
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