Honda Model Research

Front passenger angle of a red 2020 Honda Accord driving on a wet road

Honda Accord

A sleek sedan with a sporty nature, the Honda Accord offers a modern feel and a comfortable drive. Its advanced technology, premium interior, and hybrid variant make the Accord one of the most popular vehicles on the Honda lineup.

2020 Accord
2020 Accord Hybrid
2019 Accord

Front passenger angle of a blue 2020 Honda Civic sedan with city buildings in the background

Honda Civic

Available as a sedan, hatchback, and coupe, the Honda Civic offers the diversity and customization that drivers love. Sporty models like the Si and Type R add to the thrill and excitement of driving behind the Civic.

2020 Civic
2019 Civic

Front passenger angle of a silver 2020 Honda CR-V parked on the side of a street at night

Honda CR-V

High performance, innovative safety features, and advanced technology make the Honda CR-V a popular pick. Its hybrid alternative enhances its already remarkable fuel efficiency ratings.

2020 CR-V
- vs Mazda CX-5
2020 CR-V Hybrid
2019 CR-V
- Trim Levels

Front passenger angle of an orange 2019 Honda Fit driving down a road

Honda Fit

Designed as an affordable option for drivers looking for a reliable vehicle, the Honda Fit is a hatchback with fantastic fuel economy ratings. Its spacious interior provides plenty of room for passengers and cargo alike.

2020 Fit

Front passenger angle of a blue 2020 Honda HR-V driving in a city

Honda HR-V

Drivers looking for a sporty crossover should look no further than the Honda HR-V. This vehicle provides an excellent balance of style and performance that the common driver would love.

2020 HR-V
2019 HR-V

Front passenger angle of a red 2020 Honda Insight parked on the side of a street with a couple walking around it

Honda Insight

Gorgeous inside and out, the Honda Insight is a sedan that compliments today’s digital era through its technology, design, and efficiency capabilities. This model is a great option for anyone looking to make the switch to a hybrid vehicle.

2021 Insight
2020 Insight

Front driver angle of a grey 2020 Honda Odyssey driving down a road

Honda Odyssey

The minivan that can conquer many challenges of life is the Honda Odyssey. With its high capacity for passengers and cargo, packing for road trips and vacations will be easy. Its large suite of safety features and technology will keep the family safe and entertained for the whole ride.

2021 Odyssey
2020 Odyssey

- vs Chrysler Pacifica

Front driver angle of a grey 2019 Honda Passport parked outdoors by a lake with a kayak on its roof

Honda Passport

Built for adventure, the Honda Passport is an SUV that cherishes family time no matter where your destination is. Its impressive cargo capacities and performance features make spontaneous vacations and carpools enjoyable and possible.

2020 Passport
2019 Passport

Front driver angle of a blue 2020 Honda Pilot parked by a lake

Honda Pilot

As the largest SUV on the lineup, the Honda Pilot is capable of seating the entire family while still offering plenty of space for groceries and bags.

2021 Pilot
2020 Pilot

- vs Kia Sorento

Front passenger angle of a silver 2019 Honda Ridgeline driving through a stream

Honda Ridgeline

Sometimes, a high amount of strength and durability is needed to get work done. The Honda Ridgeline offers competitive performance while still providing plenty of comfort and luxury.

2020 Ridgeline
2019 Ridgeline