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Five ways to improve fuel efficiency
With the ever-fluctuating price of gasoline, drivers are trying harder than ever to cut down on fuel costs. Some go about this by driving more fuel efficient vehicles, such as smaller cars and hybrids. Others may cut down on their driving time altogether. There are a few steps you can take to get better MPGs that don’t require you to do either of these. Check out five ways to improve fuel efficiency here on our blog!

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man smiling while sitting in driver’s seat of a carGet rid of excess cargo
When was the last time you cleaned out your car? You may be surprised at how much extra stuff you have in there that you don’t need. Excessive weight will drag down your fuel efficiency.

Close the windows
Driving with the windows wide open may feel refreshing in warmer weather, but driving with open windows creates more drag which will drag down your MPGs. Close the windows and turn on the air conditioner instead.

Value your trade-in

Keep the tires fully inflated
If you’re driving with tires that aren’t fully inflated, your vehicle will have to work harder to keep you moving. That being said, overinflating your tires can be just as bad, so check the owner’s manual to ensure you’re filling them up properly.

Get a wheel alignment
On the list of “automotive services too often ignored”, this one can really pay dividends when it comes to saving fuel. Driving with all wheels aligned properly, as with inflating tires fully, prevents your engine from working overtime.

Coast whenever possible
When you’re out on the open road, find opportune times to take your foot off the gas for extended periods. This is ideal when you’re on top of a descending hill or when you see a stop sign coming up straight ahead. Why drive the speed limit all the way there just to slam on the brakes once you get to the stop sign?

Hopefully you learned something new today. Learn more tips and tricks here on our blog or get in touch with the team here at Sheehy Honda for more information!

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