What are the Common Signs of a Dying Car Battery?

February 25th, 2021 by

How to Tell If Your Car Battery is Failing
Eventually, your car battery will fail. Of course, a dead car battery can create a lot of headaches, especially if you have plans to commute somewhere. Thankfully, you can catch the symptoms of a dying car battery before it kicks the bucket. Here are a few common signs to watch for.

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Engine is Slow to Start
Did you know that the battery is responsible for your engine starting? When your battery is dying, the engine may be slow to start. If the battery is completely dead, your engine won’t start at all.

Corrosion on a car battery terminal
Dim Headlights and/or Problems with Electrical Features
As you drive, pay attention to your headlights and your electrical features. When your battery is failing, your headlights may look dim due to less electricity being supplied. Additionally, you may notice delays or unresponsiveness when operating various electrical features inside the car, such as your power windows, air conditioning, and radio.

Clicking Sound When Turning the Ignition
The next time you start your car, listen carefully. If you hear a clicking sound when turning the ignition, your battery is likely about to fail.

Corrosion on the Battery Terminals
Corrosion is a flaky substance that forms on car battery terminals over time. Often blue or white in color, corrosion blocks the flow of electricity. In some cases, the battery itself may still be good but cannot supply the electricity the car needs due to this blockage. Whenever you pop the hood, it’s a good idea to check your battery and clean off any corrosion that forms.

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On average, car batteries last approximately three years. You can help take care of your battery by cleaning corrosion off every once in a while, avoiding debris in the road that may loosen the connection, and making sure your lights and electrical features are shut off when not in use. If your vehicle needs a new battery and you are near the Washington DC area, schedule service at Sheehy Honda online! We’d be happy to help you get back on the road.

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